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Is your handyman service provider legit?

Is your Handyman Legit?

With over 500 handyman service companies coming up on any Google search, finding a legit handyman can be difficult.  This is especially true in King County and all of Washington for that matter.  The reason for this is ease of entry into the industry.

Did you know that is Washington state you don’t have to have any hands-on experience or formal training to become a fully licensed handyman.  That’s right, you can walk into the Department of Labor and Industries, pay the fees, and poof… you are technically a ”handyman contractor.”

In most states, you must pass a written exam to become a licensed.  This is a great benefit for any homeowner as you can bank on the fact that every handyman has verified skills, a working knowledge of the trade, and measure of expertise.  However, since this isn’t the case in the Greater Seattle Area, you need to hire right.

So, here’s what you need to know when looking for a handyman service provider:

A Legit Handyman?

Handyman VS the legit contractor

Homeowners need to be careful when they enter “handyman near me” into any search engine.

When you are looking for a handyman, it can be difficult as there are so many options to choose from.

Trying to find local handyman contractors, who are certified, is rough as it’s hard to tell the amateur from the real deal.

Doing your homework is a must when trying to make an informed decision about who you hire.

Many individuals are not aware that failing to maintain proper licensing in Washington state will place a great deal of liability on the homeowner.

This is why you need real home repair contractors to help you with your project.

Unless a handyman services company is ONLY being hired to trim your lawn, clean your gutters, or change a light bulb, they are required by law and Labor and Industries to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Click now to verify that your current handyman is licensed.

Energy Audit

Why does a handyman need to be licensed?

Under the Washington’s Contractor Registration Act, a handyman or handy-woman must be fully licensed, insured, and bonded. If they are not registered they are simply breaking the law. In this industry, being unlicensed is a common way for a “handyman” to avoid paying sales tax, B&O tax, workers compensation, etc. What is worse, it will actually place you at risk.

Legitimate, licensed handymen have workers compensation insurance. This prevents you from being liable for injuries that take place on your property. That’s right, if your handyman or their ”employees” are not insured, you can be legally held responsible. So licensing actually keeps you safe.

By law, registration is required by anyone:

  • Offering advice
  • Providing direction
  • Presenting proposals and estimates, or
  • Performing any type of improvement work.

For your protection, this even includes minor home repairs (Revised Code of Washington – RCW 18.27).

Moreover, you need to use caution as there are many ”handy” individuals out there working in our neighborhoods who operate as unlicensed “handyman contractors.”

They are, in fact, misclassifying and seriously misrepresenting themselves and hiring them will place you at risk. This is fraud and it needs to be reported. Sure, these so-called ”handymen” are physically capable of making some repairs. However, if any problems with their work or an injury occurs you can be held accountable by law. Since working with an unlicensed handyman can lead to major issues, it is best to hire a reputable firm in the area.

The Homeowner’s Handyman Checklist

When you are weighing your options and thinking about which handyman service provider you should interview, you need to do your due diligence.  This Homeowner Checklist will help you to sift through all the candidates to help you find the right handyman for you, even if that is not HTP Builders.

Handyman - Homeowner Checklist

Setting the Standard

If you need help with home repairs, give HTPB the opportunity to prove we are setting the standard in the neighborhood.  Through our Home-Call Handyman Services we offer two methods to approaching a project, so you have the convenience of choosing the service option that is right for you.

Together, we can retain the value of your home and work through that daunting home repair to-do list. With your handyman and local contractor services company readily available, the upkeep of your home will stay under control. Our full-service handyman service division can tackle any home improvements from minor drywall repair and painting to complete remodels.

HTPB Home Call Handyman

About the author

Ken Reusser

Ken Reusser

After taking the reins as part owner and project supervisor for HTP Builders in 2011, Ken began to use his extensive industry knowledge to meet the needs of each individual he works with. He is a certified journeyman carpenter with over 19 years of experience and holds a number of crucial industry certifications.

Ken Reusser’s philosophy is simple: Your project is as much about partnership as it is craftsmanship.