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The #1 Way to Get the Most Back on Your Remodeling Budget

Get the most out of your remodeling budget by going green

You need to update your home every so often, but of course you need to increase your home’s resale and appraisal value at the same time.  For many homeowners, the hard part is keeping to their remodeling budget while getting the most out of it.  What if you could easily do that and maximize the return on your investment?  Read on to learn the number one way to get the most out of your remodeling dollar.

Why green building is the #1 way to maximize your return

An increased upfront investment of just 2%, on average, will result in life cycle savings of 20% of the total construction costs – The life cycle cost of a building is the cost of that building throughout its entire life.  This could mean some real savings for you if green remodeling becomes the approach on your next project.  The life cycle savings alone will ensure you get up to more than ten times your initial investment.  On top of that, with green remodeling your design and performance choices will lower your maintenance costs.  Reviewing these considerations will prove your energy savings could pay for your green remodel several times over.

Green means money:

  • Energy & water efficient technologies lower utility costs up to 65%
  • An investment of $4 per SF nets up to $62 per SF benefit over 20 years
  • Obtain up to a 4% increase valuation for every dollar invested
  • Federal and state monetary gains may also be available.
  • Lowers construction waste disposal costs by 50% – 95%
  • On average, homes with green features will sell up to 30% higher than similar conventional homes.

There is obviously a huge reward for going green these days.  Great payouts and paybacks will ensure your remodeling budget is not spent in vain.

At HTP Builders we strive to assist our clients in learning more about their home remodeling options and their home’s current condition as we are very much involved in sustainable building.  That is why we are offering discounted home energy audits.  Click the link to learn more.

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