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If you are looking for a well-established Medina remodeling contractor, look no further than HTP Builders. No one likes problems, especially on a home improvement project. To ensure a positive experience, you will be provided with a considerable about of time, up front, to assist with design and pre-project planning. You will get a fixed proposal pricing and we will use cost evaluation methods to stay within your stated budget. This means you won’t get any budget-busting surprises.

With our approach, you’ll be able to stretch your home improvement dollars through the wide range of materials, fixtures, and products you have to choose from and we will guide you in keeping your budget balanced. You may be glad to know that will not, however, sacrifice quality workmanship for cost savings.

Medina Remodeling Contractor

You will be glad to know that we bring 30 years of family building experience and know how to each job. We completely understand the importance of HTP Builders’ reputation as a stable, professional company because it reflects directly on our name, so we always go the extra mile.

Customers in Medina, WA benefit from HTPB’s:

  • Systematic method which fosters a smooth project
  • OSHA-trained safety crews
  • Detailed schedule
  • On-site supervision
  • Quality control inspections

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Project support you can count on

Maybe you need more space because of your growing family, but you don’t want to move. Maybe you finally want to make your space flow the way you’ve always known it could. Whatever your reason for making improvements, we can help bring your vision to fruition.

If your kitchen or bathroom needs an update, we will help design the features you need and we will work to ensure that the finished product will be both more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The progressive staff at HTP Builders takes part in on-going skills training to ensure the use and understanding of the latest construction and management methods. HTP Builders offers Medina remodeling customers, the following advantages that are not offered by many contractors in the area:

  • Eco-healthy and sustainable building practices
  • A written daily clean-up checklist
  • A single point of contact for your questions throughout the job.

Our crew will uphold the standards we have set in a formal written Code of Job Sit Conduct. You can feel confident about the respect they will show for your property as well as your time. Additionally, we realize there are times during a major renovation that customers may be concerned about airborne particles from the work. Unlike the bulk of our competition, our team use the best dust mitigation system around.  It actually absorbs 90 percent of particulates, so you don’t have to worry.

At HTP Builders, we take pride in the many home improvement projects we have completed in the area. As a result, the list of satisfied customers continues to grow as they recommend HTP Builders to their friends and neighbors.

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