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Top Mistakes Made When Building a Green Home

Top Mistakes Made When Building a Green Home

Does the idea of building a green home or converting your current conventional home to live green excite you? For most people who chose to live in a green home, the goal is to lessen their carbon footprint and live in a sustainable way. This idea of sustainability is exciting to many of us, but the idea is also relatively new to our society which means you may not be aware of some of the basic mistakes that can be made.

So what are the common mistakes when building a green home and how can you avoid them? Read on to find out.

Mistakes Building a Green Home

Size Matters

The tendencies with most houses is to go as big as you can afford, but with green homes it should be the opposite. Since you should be looking to lessen your carbon footprint, try to go as reasonably small as you can.  Just remember that there must be a balance here. Go too big and ruin the goal of a green home with a sustainable footprint, but don’t cut so far back that you don’t have room to live. Take the time to determine what you will really need for your home.

Building Site

There are a few unique considerations to finding a perfect plot of land when building a green home.

It can be tempting when buy or build a green home on a outside the city or in a rural area. If you’re the type of person who prefers to avoid the hustle and bustle of being in town, this can actually backfire on your goal of keeping a smaller footprint. Homes on the outskirts of town often require a lot more to be installed to get them functioning and this can upset existing ecosystems.

Another mistake can be living in over populated or heavily wooded areas where there is little natural sunlight to take advantage of. Solar panels make a green home far more efficient, but they need a certain amount of access to regular light, so this is something to plan for.

Building Materials

When building a green home think of the materials you are using from a green perspective in addition to their quality. You will need quality just as you do with any home, but you will definitely want to consider how eco-friendly the products you use are. It is good to research salvaged or recycled materials before starting your project, so you’ll have a good understanding of the types of products that are available; products that have far less of an impact on the environment.  At the same time, do your homework to learn more about how the building materials you like will effect your indoor air quality.  This will really make a difference when planning for your green remodel or building a green home.

Insulation is Key

In saving on energy in a green home, insulation is extremely important. This is not a place to skimp when converting your residence or building a green home. Even if you do everything else correctly, if you don’t insulate properly you will find yourself wasting tons of energy trying to heat your home to keep it comfortable. This mean more homework.  You need to do your research on building envelop options to determine which will be right for you and your personal green goals.

Green Building Mistakes

Your Green Home

Green remodeling can make for a nice change in anyone’s life. Whether you are converting from a traditionally built home or planning to build the green home of your dreams, it is important to do your research to avoid the common pitfalls. At High Tech Pacific Builders we would be happy to guide you through this process. If you would like more advice or assistance, learn more about how we can help you go green click the link.

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