Putting ease into the experience

A couple relaxing during home improvements.

No-Worries Workmanship

At HTP Builders we aim to provide you with no-worries workmanship and an easy experience. While offering:

    1. Cohesive design
    2. Competent project management
    3. Process-built remodeling, and
    4. Handyman services.

Our standardized systems reduce the hassle of home improvement and empower us to consistently meet the unique goals of each client.

The results – exceptionally smooth experiences, a higher standard in service, & beautiful spaces down to the details.

Service Above, Beyond, Across and Between

You deserve the very best, so we have dedicated ourselves to upholding the highest level of business ethics.

Integrity, dedication, reassurance… core values that make a difference. 

We display integrity in all our partnerships, so you receive:

  • Honesty in word and action when we do business together.
  • Fair treatment and the utmost respect as we treat others how we like to be treated.

We maintain a dedication to reducing the hassle of home improvement.

  • Our process, policies, procedures, and systems allows us to make that happen.
  • This fosters a positive project atmosphere and high-caliber project experiences.

Happy and satisfied clients

Our company culture provides reassurance to all our clients.

  • We will work hard to build and maintain our relationship with you as our firm has been built on strong relationships.
  • Our philosophy promotes a commitment to cooperative attitudes and a project-teaming mentality.
  • You can rest assured our company outlook leads to close customer relationships as we feel privileged when we earn your business.

These principals are based on the high ethical and moral standards of the owners of HTP Builders. The demonstration of our company values should prove to be invaluable, setting us apart by comparison and enabling real client / contractor partnerships.

Let’s make your dream space a reality. Request a consultation today and get your project off to a great start.