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Planning for Completion – Constructability

“And, how long is this project going to take?”, you ask. This is a common question for general contractors. It’s probably the first or second question you’ll ask about home improvements. Many contractors would just respond with their best ”guesstimate,” but a solid way to determine the timeline for a project is by a constructability analysis. The process involves analyzing the design, materials and construction methods of your project. Any on these can add time and even money to the bid you receive. What you want is the fastest turn around, so you can move on with your life.

Design-build firms can help

Design-build firms aid this process by extending the capability of a stand-alone general contractor. Since many of the considerations to be made involve design aspects, having an in-house architect means faster and cheaper turnaround. If something doesn’t go as expected, the general contractor and architect can quickly reevaluate the project to ensure it stays on schedule. A constructability analysis at the start often makes this less likely, but it is nice to know that your home improvement project is protected.

Anticipation is the key to success. Working closely with contractors, designers need to consider not only how a project will look, but how it will be constructed. In this way, design-build firms are uniquely suited to provide a seamless integration. The project expectations can be laid out easily and more accurate timelines can be devised.

If you are looking to build your next home improvement project in Bellevue, you need to consider a design-build firm who offers more than that brushed over ”free in-home estimate.”  Remember a constructability analysis will save you money, time, and probably most importantly — your sanity.


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