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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Enclosures

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Enclosures 1

Pools can be a great addition to a house but there is one feature that can really improve your pool: a pool enclosure. You may not have considered a pool enclosure but it is a worthwhile thing to look into, just like other exterior projects that can majorly upgrade your home. Depending on the enclosure you choose they can be affordable and add benefits to your pool.

Types of Pool Enclosures

The three types of pool enclosures are flat enclosures, low-profile enclosures, and standing enclosures. Each has its own benefits.

Flat enclosures

Flat pool enclosures are the most cost-effective. They function as a fancy pool cover, resting over your pool and retracting for pool use.

Low Profile Enclosures

These pool enclosures sit over the pool like a flat enclosure but allow a dome over the pool. This means you can swim inside a low-profile enclosure if you desire, though they usually don’t allow for a lot of clearance.

Standing enclosures

Standing pool enclosures are the most expensive type of pool enclosure. This entails building walls and a roof around the pool—in essence making your pool an indoor pool. These are the most customizable and can be made using wood, glass, and all sorts of other supplies to be exactly what you envision for your pool.

How Are Pool Enclosures Beneficial?


Pool enclosures help protect from any drowning accidents by limiting access to your pool. This can make a pool safer for a family with children, but also helps protect against accidents overall.

If you opt for a standing or a low-profile enclosure, another level of protection comes from the pool enclosure’s ability to protect from weather and elements. Taking a swim without having to worry about wind and rain can be a major benefit.


One of the most obvious benefits of a pool enclosure is the added privacy. Depending on how your enclosure is built it can offer visual and even auditory privacy from surrounding homes.


Pool enclosures add both style and property value to your pool. This will matter both in impressing people while you live there and in the case you ever want to sell your home.


No matter what type of pool enclosure you choose, it will cut down on the amount of debris that gets into your pool. You will not have to clean items like fallen leaves, dirt, or bird droppings.

Pricing Your Pool Enclosure

A big concern for homeowners with any home addition tends to be the price. For a pool enclosure, there are a lot of factors that go into the price. However, in general, pool enclosure prices range from 4-12k. This amount depends on the size of your pool and the type of enclosure that you are looking for. On average you’re are looking at 6-15 per square foot. But each type of pool enclosure affects the price as well as usage. Consider your needs, including the type of enclosure and the size of your pool, and from there a professional can help you figure out what you would need to spend to meet those needs.

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Given the benefits of a pool enclosure, it’s a great idea for any homeowner with a pool to look into one. If you have more questions or would like HTPB to help you install your pool enclosure feel free to check out our pool enclosure services.

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