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Rainy Season Ready? 7 Tips to Prepare

Prepare yourself, the rain is coming.  For the most part we have been enjoying the sun in Seattle lately, but glance out the window or step foot outside and you’ll see the weather forecasts are correct this time.  The rainy season is obviously here and it is really the weather you need to prepare for.  This is because you will likely be spending most of your time indoors. There’s nothing as irritating as running around outside fixing things while you try to shield yourself from getting wet. Timing is vital if you wish to have a worry-free rainy season. Here are the best tips around to ensure you, and your home, are ready.

Top 7 ”Rain-Ready” Tips.  Will you be prepared?

1) Fixing all the leaks.

Raindrops seem harmless, but when they find their way through a leak on your roof it can lead to more serious problems.  When it is wet out, it will be difficult to patch things up, especially if you do not have the required materials on hand. Sometimes you will not be able to block the raindrops from entering your home altogether during a hard-rain repair.  However, you will not have to deal with this type of issue if you catch any potential problems early on.  It is recommended to start with a roof inspection.  This is crucial, so if you are unable to do it yourself, call a professional to get a professional opinion.

2) Get a generator

It is a fact that some areas are prone to power outages during the rainy season. This is a good reason to invest in a generator. When you’re out of power, you have no means of communication with the outside world once your cell phone battery runs out. Besides the lack of communication, electrical appliances such as the heater, stove, and your refrigerator will not function. Not being able to keep food you have cold, let alone cook it, is reason enough to invest in a generator.

3) Get a survival kit

No one can deny the fact that water caused by heavy rain can be destructive. The survival kit in this context means the essentials for the season. The nature of the season will at times keep you confined to your residence, so it is important to do so while completely comfortable. Some of the must-have items are – a first aid kit, canned food (foods easy to store), toiletries, plastic utensils, medicine (over-the-counter and prescription), flashlights with extra batteries, candles, a transmitter radio, and bottled water.

4) Clean downspouts and gutters

People who know how to prepare for torrential rains recognize the importance of ensuring the gutters and downspouts on their homes are clean. When water is unable to go through any opening, it usually accumulates and causes damage and leaks. Wash them before it starts to rain and inspect them after the sky has cleared. Cleaning is done to remove debris (leaves, dirt, and pebbles) and prevent gutter clogs which can cause puddling on your roof.  This is also an issue as gutter systems are designed to move water away from your home.  This means their function is vital.  When inspecting your gutters you should also ensure your downspouts are firmly connected to your gutters at the roof line to prevent a disconnect during a storm.

5) Keep your yard secure

The season comes with high winds which might blow or cause damage to anything you have out in the yard.  If your fencing is weak, reinforce it to prevent strong winds from blowing it over. You may have furniture in the yard; take them inside a shed or the garage for storage till you actually will use them again. If the objects outside are movable, it is better to tie them down or put weights on them to help them stand firm. You may also want to cover items that are susceptible to water damaged.

6) Have an Action Plan in case of damage

There is a maxim that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This statement has always been proven true. Rainwater may cause problems, so you and your family need to be materially and psychologically ready to deal with it. You all need to be aware of the locations of the first aid kits and the fire extinguisher among other important things.  Simply thinking things through always helps.  What will you do if the power goes out, the roof leaks, or a room floods?  Planning is everything.  You should also communicate with your neighbors to know where to seek shelter if your home is damaged.

7) Check the trees in your yard

You may need an expert to check the trees and shrubbery in your yard if you seek to prevent any damage from occurring during rainfall and winds. During the dry season, trees weigh less because of less moisture. When it rains, the water causes an increase in moisture, hence the weight of the trees increases. Consequently, some branches weaken.  What happens afterward is the branches may fall off. If they are big enough, they will cause some serious issues.  If you need assistance in this area, seek an arborist’s advice.  They will know exactly how to professionally trim your trees and which branches should be cut off to prevent any damage during the season.

Be ready for the rainy season

With these helpful tips you’ll be ready to make it through a hard rain and whatever the wind throws at you. Remember, it is important to be tuned in to the local news stations to get updates on weather forecasts. It helps you prepare for them.  The sad truth is that in the past half century, thousands of people have died from the damage caused by heavy rains.  On the other hand, there are thousands who have prevented serous issues by making early preparation and finding solutions when destruction happen.

The rainy season can be tough if it finds you unprepared, but when you are all set, there’s nothing to worry about.  And remember, if you think you might need some professional help when you are working through this list, feel free to contact us.  We can even clean your gutters for you.

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