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Remodel Your Bellevue Home Or Move, Which Is Right For You

Many of us bought our homes thinking we would buy the worst house in the best neighborhood, and one day we will turn it into the home of our dreams. How long ago was that? Homebuyers set a budget that they must stick to when buying a house. If they go over, their monthly mortgage payments may be beyond their means. For many, this means getting an older house that could use some updating down the road.

High Tech Pacific Builders are your Bellevue home improvement contractors who can finally make your house the best on the block. However, many people are torn between selling their home and buying a new one that suits their needs or remodeling the one they already own. Let’s look at some reasons on both sides of the debate.

Reasons To Remodel With Your Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors

  • You need more space and want to make an investment. As we’ve talked about before on the Contractor Chatter blog, a home addition is one of the most expensive home renovations because you have to include a new foundation and new roof in the process. However, a 3-bedroom house will sell for significantly more down the road than a 2-bedroom house.
  • You love your home. This one is simple. If you love your home and the neighborhood, and it would make you sad to leave, then stay! Remodel a few rooms, give the house a facelift, and you have a new home full of old memories.
  • The market is going up. We all know the housing market can crash in an instant, in fact, not too long ago, it did. But right now, especially in Bellevue, it’s going up. The tech industry is pulling people to Seattle like never before, and those who want to live in a nice suburb often choose Bellevue. An investment now can make your house worth even more than it would be otherwise years from now.
  • You understand the sticker price of selling your home doesn’t end up in your bank account. They always say “you won’t recoup 100% of your remodel costs.” But you also won’t get to keep 100% of your home selling gains in most cases. Most real estate agents will keep a 6 percent commission. That’s $30,000 out of a $500,000. (Hey, you could do some nice home remodels for 30k!)

Reasons To Move

  • You need more space but cannot afford an addition. This makes sense, there’s no way around it. Maybe you have two kids who have always shared a bedroom, but they are getting to an age where they need their own space. Maybe your aging parents need to move in, or maybe you have a baby on the way – or maybe all of these situations apply to you! You should never do a home remodel if it’s going to completely put you underwater and you can’t afford it.
  • You hate your neighborhood. Maybe that worst-house-in-the-best-neighborhood turned out to actually be a neighborhood you dislike, is too far from work, or you don’t feel safe in. You can pick your house, but you can’t pick your neighbors.
  • You need to downsize: Most often home renovations in Bellevue are done to make a home bigger – but sometimes you don’t need a bigger home. If you have kids who have gone off to college and your home is full of empty rooms that are collecting dust, then maybe selling your home and moving somewhere smaller will be a better option. Hey, HTP Builders can even finish your basement in your new, smaller home just in case Johnny ends up moving back home!

Choosing To Remodel? You Can Trust Our Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors!

We’ll work with you to design, plan, and remodel the home of your dreams. Get in touch with us today for a home remodel quote!

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