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Remodeling Cost Calculator Logo An accurate remodeling cost calculator can be hard to find.  Sorry, there’s no app for that.  At the same time, setting your remodeling budget is one of the first steps to planning your upcoming project.

We are not saying you should know how much your project is going to cost.  Even our estimators don’t know that until after a multitude of calculations have been completed.  What we are suggesting, however, is that you clearly define a budget you can realistically afford.

There is no way around it, you need to review your finances to understand how much you can afford to invest.  Only then will you be able to truly start planning your project.

At High Tech Pacific Builders, we understand this need is absolute.

More importantly, you have to understand general project cost perimeters prior interviewing contractors and obtaining estimates.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.  HTPB has developed an online, project-costing tool that provides instant estimates.

The HTPB Remodeling Cost Calculator

From complete home additions to custom kitchens, HTPB’s easy-to-use remodeling cost calculator delivers.  Get realistic costing information to help you place a cap on your preliminary project budget.  Simply enter some basic information about your project and the calculator will produce an approximate budget.

Cost to remodel a kitchen

The pricing information built into this calculator allows it to produce a realistic budget range.

Reference this information as you consider how much you should realistically be willing to invest in your home.

You will find that this costing data will prove to be useful as you begin to plan for your upcoming project.  Nevertheless, remember that nothing compares to an accurate estimate from a reputable contractor.

So, after you set your budget and are ready to take the next steps, please remember to reach out.  Make an appointment with HTP Builders for an all-inclusive quotation that will be based on a comprehensive project review.  If you’re looking for a fixed-price proposal, schedule your in-home consultation today.

Obtaining a Guaranteed Proposal

Thank you for using our free online remodeling cost calculator.  This is a great starting point for planning your project, but there is something to keep in mind.  It is important to note that online estimates are approximations.  Therefore, when you’re ready, you need to start a conversation with the home improvement specialists that care.

The HTPB Remodeling Cost Calculator does not include for upscale, high-end items and finishes or expensive fixtures.

So, count the cost of these features and add them into calculations separately.

Finally, unlike with a guaranteed proposal, know that pricing will vary. Your final project cost will be strictly dependent on your final design features and the selections you choose.

In fact, roughly 60% of your total project cost will be determined by your decisions in those areas.

Of course, those specifications cannot be not taken into an account using any online estimating tool.  Not to mention, the HTPB Remodeling Cost Calculator is meant for informational purposes only.

Estimating Home Remodeling Costs

Therefore, we recommend you contact the pros when you are ready to get serious about improving your home.

Nothing beats a professional project review, consultation, and written proposal.

Getting a fixed-price proposal from an industry professional is of utmost importance.  Just know there are important things to do first.

Two things that are recommended by the majority of industry experts.

Accordingly, you have to:

  1. Set your budget (how much do you want to invest),
  2. Write down your project priorities, and then
  3. Make an appointment with a remodeling specialist.

Contact HTP Builders to learn more about our remodeling process or to schedule a consultation for your upcoming project.

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