Once construction is underway, you will be kept "in-the-know" and we'll be meeting regularly. Your smooth project experience and satisfaction are our priority, so questions and concerns will be addressed as they arise.

Construction Process


Construction problems may come up, but our expertise allows for prompt solutions. Your project will be completed to very high standards as we use written procedures for every project type. This ensures nothing is missed.

  • Dust control to collect up to 90% of airborne particulates.
  • Weekly site safety and craftmanship inspections.
  • Professional project management.
  • Online project tracking.

As your project is nearing completion, we'll inspection the work with you and complete any last-minute items and touch ups.

A refreshingly smooth collaboration

HTPB's unique project delivery system has been perfected over the last 30 years in the design-build industry. We know how the remodeling process needs to flow in order to convert your dream into reality.

While working with our project design and development experts, your ideas will be focused into a clear concept that will drive the entire project. Starting with design and being backed by a proven system that delivers consistent results means you can expect your project to be completed on budget and in a timely fashion.

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Already have a completed design?

We still may be able to assist you if you already have project designs or plans in hand.

The remodeling process can begin with a thorough review of your plans to determine whether or not your project can be built to code from your existing plans while staying within your budget.

Just contact us and we can get the conversation started.

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