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Top 7 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Top 7 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Many homeowners wait until their roof is leaking before looking into a roof inspection or roof repair.  Don’t be one of those homeowners. By the time your roof is leaking expensive damage may already have been done to your home. If you fix the problem before it reaches this stage, repairs will be much more cost efficient for you and you can avoid an emergency situation. That is why regular self-inspections are recommended by industry professionals.  So, how do you tell if it is time to repair your roof without waiting for a leak? Here are the top seven key signs to look for:

Roof Repair Needed

1. Roof Age

One easy way to determine if your roof may need to be replaced or repaired is to simply consider its age. Roofs have an average life expectancy of 20-25 years. So if you are on year 30, chances are you have issues that need to be addressed – even if you are lucky enough to not have visible roof leaks.

2, 3, & 4. Shingle Condition

To see if you require roof repair, take a look at your shingles and overall condition of your roof. This can be the best way of assessing its condition. The key things to look for are:

2. Missing or Loose Shingles

When looking at your roof, check to see that all the shingles are tight and in place. Missing or loose shingles are a huge sign that your roof is in a poor condition and needs attention.

3. Curling or Buckling Shingles

Even if all your shingles are in place, it is important to determine the condition of your shingles. Take a second look at the parts of your roof that get direct sunlight to see if the shingles are lying flat or curling at the edges. If they are curling it is a sign you need roof repair or possible a new roof.

4. Shingles in Roof Valleys

Roof Valleys are where rain water tends to travel over your roof to reach the gutters. If you are missing shingles or your shingles are damaged in these areas, pay particular attention. This is a critical sign that you need roof repair.

5. Chimney Flashing

If you have a chimney, check the area around the base to see what materials were used and what condition they are in. If your chimney doesn’t have a metal flashing system installed around it to keep water out, you may need roof repairs in this area to stop leaks from entering from the crevices between your chimney and the rest of your roof.

6. Shingle Pieces in Gutters

Another thing to look for when completing your roof inspection is shingle granules that have come lose from the roof. These can often be found in the gutters. When shingles start losing granules it is a sign that they are getting old and worn down and that is why this is a sign that you are in need of roof repair.

7. Daylight Through Roof

It may seem obvious, but here’s the biggest red flag.  When you take a peak into your attic space and you can see daylight through your roof, it’s over. This means that the plywood installed on your roof has water damage, or has pulled apart and created gaps that will allow water to access your home. This is a sure sign that you are in serious need of roof repair or replacement.

Signs Roof Repair is Needed

Roof Repair

Once you’ve made a judgement about the condition of your roof, you may be faced with decisions on how to go about completing your repair work. Unless you are an avid DIY type, you’ll probably be looking for some quality handyman services. That’s where we come in.  The handymen or roofing specialists at HTP Builders would be happy to help you address those needs!  Just reach out when you need some help and contact us.

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