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Shower Tiling 101

Shower Tiling 101

Jumping into a shower tiling project could be just what your bathroom needs.  Adding tile to an existing shower can add class and elegance to any bathroom. This home improvement can change the overall feel of a bathroom, making it more enjoyable to be in. Picking out the proper tile to use, however, can be stressful. It’s a commitment and there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Knowing your options and planning out what shower tile options are best for you can make updating your shower a breeze.

Shower Tiling Installation

Shower Tile Options

  • Ceramic is the classic option for shower tile.
  • Faux wood is becoming a more common choice. This tile is usually constructed of ceramic or porcelain tile and made to look like woodgrain.
  • Rock and Tavertine:  Two common types of rock tile are river rock and tavertine. River rock gives a mosaic look and definitely adds flare. Travertine is another natural stone option. Both have some added complications in terms of cleaning which should be researched prior to purchase.
  • Glass is another way of tiling often done in a mosaic. Cleaning isn’t hard with glass but should be done regularly.
  • Marble is a very traditional and sophisticated option and can really aid in giving a bathroom an air of elegance.

Given the number of options, choosing can be difficult. How much care and attention the tile needs is one consideration, but so is the look and color.

Shower Tiling Considerations

Things to Consider

When picking tile for the shower, note whether the style matches the rest of the bathroom. Some faux wood, for instance, can have a rustic look and will go best in a bathroom that has a similar aesthetic. A key to making sure that the style you want works both within the shower itself and the bathroom as a whole is to bring samples home. Most tile suppliers will either provide samples or sell them to you at a low cost. Bring one home and lay it out to better visualize what the final product will look like.

Remember that when picking out your shower tile options, you don’t have to go only off of your own opinion. If you are purchasing at a specialty store or working with a designer, they probably have a very good idea of what works and what doesn’t. They will be able to help guide you. Even if you don’t have a professional to ask, the internet is a great tool. Look at pictures of others who’ve used similar products to what you are considering. With picture examples and/or expert opinions, it’ll be a snap to decide what tile options work best for you and your room.

Need the Help of an Expert?

Keep the pros at HTP Builders in mind if you need help with your shower tiling project.  We would be happy to provide a professional opinion and assistance with complete bathroom remodeling services.

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