Finishing Touches and Material Selections

Want to remove some of the frustrations from your window-shopping experience?

Would you like to get a bit of a contractor discount by using our suppliers?

It’s true, sifting though endless ideas for finishes for your upcoming home improvement project can be a pain. You need to locate, source, and specify all the products you want to have installed. This can become increasing difficult when you don’t even know where to start your search.

Thankfully, HTP Builders makes the selection process easy.




After you hire HTPB you have been provided with exclusive access to our Client Selection Site. This places amazing suppliers and some very important information at your fingertips. So, finding unique materials for those finishing touches has never been simpler.

HTPB’s Client Selection Site Provides:

  1. A comprehensive list of recommended suppliers
  2. Suppliers organized based on location
  3. Links to supplier websites with hours & contact info. all in one place
  4. One-click GPS directions to each supplier listed.
  5. Downloadable Selection Sheet for each project type.
  6. Links to virtual catalogs and online-shopping showrooms

Supplier Showrooms

The Client Selection Site outlines where you can find everything you need to put your project together.

Material finish options that include:

  • Flooring, cabinetry, tile, and hardware
  • Cabinets, vanities, and countertops
  • Faucets, sinks, and accessories
  • Lighting, fans, and more.

HTP Builders’ Selection Site ensures that HTPB clients are always provided with all the tools they need to make all required selections needed to compile a complete set of project specifications.

This will ensure that your project estimate will not be littered with allowances which tend to lead to up-charges. 

HTP Builders’ Preferred Suppliers

For your convenience, we have vetted our suppliers and the products they provide.

Plus, using the HTPB Supplier List will ensure you will find affordable finish materials to fit your budget.

Not to mention, using our suppliers will ensure you are provided with our little contractor discount on your project materials.

Remodeling Finish Materials

As equally important, the suppliers we recommend only stock products that will stand the test of time.

Longevity and durability matters to the average HTPB client and our suppliers can deliver. You’ll find that our suppliers offer all the best materials and the brands you love.  Brands that include:


Building Products Manufacturer Logos


Inspirational Photos

Before visiting any showrooms, we recommend you start to gather your thoughts with idea pictures.

Using Houzz or Pintrest is a great way to collect some inspirational photos to get a handle on the look you want.  This way you will have a general idea of the style you are going for before starting your window-shopping journey.

If you need more visually, HTPB’s interior design services offer custom 3D renderings which will make sure you will love your look before anything is built.

Material Selection Sheets

To make your window-shopping and selection experience even easier, download the digital selection sheet(s) that applies to your project type.  Download all that apply and fill in the blanks as you go.

Each selection sheet outlines all the standard items that should be considered during the selection process, so nothing will be missed.

With our selection sheets all your choices are conveniently located in one place for quick reference.