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Springtime Tips for Home Improvements in Seattle

Spring is here and for Seattle homeowners this makes for a great time to review home improvements. More than just planting new gardens and getting ready for summer, home improvements in Seattle often involve our unique weather, so be sure to check the outside of your home. Here are three suggestions for areas to check, and maybe a couple of new ideas to make your spring and summer great.

Exterior home improvements in Seattle

Roofs, Gutters and downspouts

Winter rain, snow and hail throughout the Pacific Northwest make for some pretty damaging conditions. Be sure to visually inspect your roof. You will want to keep the spring rains out of your attics and crawl spaces, so look for missing, damaged and worn shingles. Even with our typically mild summers the sun can be brutal on your roof, so act early.

Be sure to check and clean your gutters to keep the water flowing off and away from your home. Downspouts should drain away from the foundation or into sewer-linked drains. By ensuring proper rain drainage, you will save yourself a ton in expenditures over the life of your home.

These types of home improvements in Seattle are not just necessary, they are key in maintaining your safe and warm home.

Keeping it all in

Windows and Doors

The cold of winter gone now is the time to check the siding and trim of your home. Especially around your windows and doors. Use a screwdriver to probe around these opening to discover and cracks, loose boards or damaged seals. This helps prevent water infiltration and further damage. As we said, home improvements in Seattle involve weather and our weather in spring means rain.

While you are at it, be sure to check the condition of the doors and windows themselves. Perhaps it is time for a change, maybe you just want a new look. Either way, taking the time to replace windows and doors in Spring means more time you have to spend on other projects for Summer.
Interior home improvement ideas for Seattle’s Inclement Weather.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

For most of us the winter has been spent holed up and trying to keep warm. All that time inside has probably drawn our attention to the old, outdated and worn look of the inside of our home. Perhaps a bathroom remodel, new fixtures in the kitchen. Better still and brand new kitchen to go with the new refrigerator you got for Christmas.

Kitchen and Bath home improvements in Seattle make for great springtime projects. We know we want to spend time on the outside of our homes, but the rains often make scheduling a general contractor difficult. So by focusing inward we can make those rainy days productive days.

Home improvements in Seattle are easy choices, they are often made for us out of necessity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun and uplifting. Take the opportunity to choose and new color, style, or design that matches your new year. Find a good local contractor and ask them to help you design a new living space or just help maintain the one you love. You’ll thank them for the help.

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