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The power of 3 with home improvements in Seattle

You’ve decided to take the plunge, the big plunge into home improvements for your Seattle home. Unless you are a handyman or an avid do-it-yourselfer that typically involves getting a contractor. It can be challenging to find a general contractor in Seattle, there is a lot to consider. A key concept many forget is that you need to obtain more than one quote, the magic number is three.

Why three? Why not 2 or 5 or even 10 estimates for your Seattle home improvement you may ask. Prices differ from one contractor to the next and there is high demand with schedules to uphold. With one bid, you obtain a jumping board from which to compare the rest. Bid two will firm up your expectations and bid three will solidify them.  About Home says, “You will be amazed at how wildly estimates can vary: one estimate can easily be twice or three times the amount of another estimate”. According to Fox Business, “Two bidders aren’t enough to give you confidence in the bids; four or five are too many to manage”. Three is just the right number, it gives the confidence to choose the right contractor for the right price without wasting time.

With more than three bids the information and time you are spending becomes too immense. Say you have ten contractors come out each give a different bid and varying timelines. In that sample you will find many with similar bids and it will have taken a significant amount of time to obtain those bids. When you are ready to start a home improvement here in Seattle time is money and if you wait too long the contractor you decide upon might already have another project.

Remember the magic number of three, it will help you obtain the information required to choose the correct contractor for the most reasonable price when trying to do home improvements in Seattle.

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