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Tips for the Best Basement Game Room

Basement Game Room

When people envision a basement, what comes to mind is often not pleasant, but who says basements have to be dingy and creepy? In fact, if you build a basement game room, your basement could become your room in your home. With a little effort, your basement can be a perfect escape while adding both enjoyment and resale value to your property.

Tips for your basement remodel

Essentials of a Basement Game Room

When you picture a basement game room, certain elements probably come to mind. So, before building sit down and really figure out what elements matter to you most.  Then, come up with a plan on how to incorporate those items into the space to maximize your enjoyment of the finished room.


You can’t have a game room without games. What you decide to put in is entirely up to you, but it is recommended to think this through prior to going shopping as the options are plentiful. A pool table is a popular centerpiece, but you could also add a foosball table, pinball machines, video gaming systems, or any number of other items. Vintage games are trending right now.  So add in some retro options to bring a little nostalgia into the mix.  The most important thing to consider is what games will you likely use while keeping the amount of available space in mind. You don’t want to make the room feel cramped so prioritize and make smart selections.


Gaming can get loud. It should get loud! That is why soundproofing is a must if you share your home with individuals who may not want to always join the party.  Those in other areas of your home, and your neighbors for that matter, may not want to hear it all the time. To keep a basement game room fully functional no matter what the circumstances, plan for the amount of noise you anticipate and properly soundproof the space. This can be a DIY project or a job for professionals.


While thinking about soundproofing, insulation is another comfort issue that will go a long way in making your basement game room usable. How hot or cold will the room be during different seasons and with different amounts of people? Plan accordingly as you will definitely want your basement game room to be comfortable for your guests year round.


Lighting can be an essential part of any basement room. By their nature, basements can be dimly lit, whereas a game room should be bright and airy which can add to the overall positive vibes of users. If your basement is a daylight basement, this bright feel may be easier to achieve. In that case, what you will have to do is simply take advantage of any windows you have. If not, make sure to plan for extra lighting to keep the space from feeling dreary.

Once you have decided what you want to do in these four areas, all that stands between you and an amazing basement game room is completing the renovation!

Basement Game Room Remodel

Whatever decisions you make for your basement game room, hiring professional help can ensure your vision turns out perfectly. The basement remodeling specialists at HTP Builders would be happy to lend further expertise to help your dream come to fruition.

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Ken Reusser

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