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9 Top Home Improvements Yield the Greatest Percent Return

This list of top home improvements can help you prioritize your summer projects.  Homeowner’s know that now is the ideal time to knock some of those annual home maintenance items off their to-do list.  Rightfully so, it is good to take advantage of our long, dry Pacific Northwest summer days.  However, if you are considering upgrades it is a good idea to increase the value of your home at the same time.

Recent reports indicate that residential construction spending grew 3.1% month-over-month and total spending is up 7.7% as of April of this year.  So, we know homeowner’s are investing in their homes as our economy continues to gain some momentum.  Are you looking for a simple makeover and getting ready to add to these figures?  Use this list of top home improvements to increase the value of your home and get the best return on your investment.

Top Home Improvements for High Returns

According to US News and World Report, the following renovation ideas bring the greatest percentage return:

  1. Entry door replacement 96.6%
  2. Deck addition 87.4%
  3. Attic bedroom: 84.3%
  4. Garage door replacement: 83.7%
  5. Minor kitchen remodel: 82.7%
  6. Master suite addition: 67.5%
  7. Bathroom addition: 60.1%
  8. Sunroom addition: 51.7%
  9. Home office remodel: 48.9%

We hope this information is appreciated and that you can use this list to increase the value of your home.  Keep this Top Home Improvements list in mind when sorting through your ideas for improvements.  This is important as many projects are frequently completed which homeowner’s are encouraged to steer clear from.  Of course general maintenance is a must, but choose the big-ticket spending items carefully as some projects will add little or no value to your investment, the place you call home.

If you may be considering completing renovations in the months or year to come, get your copy of our FREE eBook. It can help you save time, money and frustrations on your next project.

Until next week and thanks for reading.

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