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Should I Upgrade My Home Exterior?

When many people think of a Bellevue home remodel, they think of how they can change the inside. That makes sense, of course, as we spend a majority of our time inside of our homes. However, updating your home’s exterior is also an important step in the renovation process. At High Tech Pacific Builders, we have the dedicated Bellevue home improvement contractors you need to help you get the job done right.

Reasons To Include Exterior In Your Bellevue Home Remodel

There are a handful of reasons why someone would want to update their home exterior. New exterior can increase the value of your home while also increasing curb appeal. Additionally, if you choose a long-lasting, low-maintenance exterior option like vinyl siding that requires essentially no upkeep, the cost of maintaining, painting, and cleaning your exterior can go down.

But aesthetics and resale value aren’t the only reasons one might upgrade their home exterior. In our rainy climate, many homes experience wood rot, water damage, and other weather-related issues. In this case, a homeowner may have no choice but to update their exterior to something more weather resistant.

Types Of Home Exteriors:

Here in Bellevue, the exterior choice for homes varies greatly. From southwestern stucco homes to Cape Cod-style homes with wood siding to craftsman-style homes with a hodgepodge of siding. The choice between siding largely comes down to preference and budget. The cost of your home exterior will depend not only on the type of material used but also how much labor is involved in placing it. Today, we’d like to go over a few of the most popular exterior upgrades that your Bellevue home improvement contractors can help install.

Vinyl Siding: This is one of the most popular siding options for a number of reasons. It is low-cost and requires little maintenance other than an occasional powerwash. Unlike painted wood planks, the color won’t fade or chip, and there are plenty of color options. Some people feel as if vinyl siding has a “plastic” look to it, but it is still a great budget option for home renovations.

Stucco: Stucco is an incredibly common choice for siding and can be applied in multiple ways, but is usually hand-troweled usually gives you the best result. Traditional stucco is made from sand, Portland cement, lime, and water, and can be smooth or rough based on your preferences and budget. While some adventurous DIYers might want to install siding on their own, stucco is a project that you really need to call your Bellevue home improvement contractors for. If the stucco is not watertight, water can seep behind it and seperate it from the home. That being said, properly installed stucco should last the lifetime of your home under normal conditions.

Brick Siding: Authentic brick siding is made from fired clay and can last hundreds of years with little maintenance. Brick and brick veneer are also are not susceptible to burning and rot like with wood siding. Most homeowners who choose brick exteriors opt for attaching brick veneers to their wood-frame home as it is cheaper and less labor intensive than laying individual bricks by hand.

Wood Siding: To give your home an authentic cottage or bungalow feel, use wood siding. Keep in mind that wood siding requires occasional staining or painting to protect it from weather damage. Additionally, it comes as no surprise that wood siding is susceptible to pest damage and rot. For wood siding, you have the option of shingles, clapboard, and shakes. Some wood siding manufacturers offer wood that has been treated with fire retardant so make it a safer option for your home.

Redoing Your Exterior? We’re The Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors You Can Trust!

Your exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, so be sure you have experienced Bellevue general contractors install it. Your home’s siding serves an aesthetic purpose, but it also protects your home from the outside. Be sure you have the job done right with HTP Builders! Get in touch today to discuss your home remodel project.

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