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When It’s Time To Search For A “Handyman Near Me”

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So that to-do list is getting a little long? Many homeowners find themselves with a list of to-dos, things around the house that need to get done. Sometimes this is simply changing the lightbulbs, and other times it is repairing a deck or replacing a window. Whether you don’t have time to make repairs yourself, you don’t have the know-how or necessary tools, or even if you simply don’t want to bother with it, a local handyman or handywoman can be the solution you’re looking for. So if you found this page by typing “handyman near me” or “Bellevue handyman” into Google, you’ve come to the right place. High Tech Pacific Builders offers handyman services to Bellevue and the surrounding areas.

Why You Should Only Hire A Licensed Handyman

We all have buddies who can, and are willing, to do odd jobs for us. Maybe Joe from down the street can climb up on your roof to fix a leak, and maybe Susan from the coffee shop would love to create some built-in shelving to help organize your garage. However, calling acquaintances to do work can end in legal disaster should they injure themselves on your property. No matter how much you trust the skills of a neighbor, it is always a better decision to call on the services of a licensed, bonded, and insured handyman like we offer at High Tech Pacific Builders. In fact, the Washington’s Contractor Registration Act requires handymen and handywomen to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. If you hire an unlicensed “handyman” from Craigslist or from down the road and they are injured, you, the homeowner, are liable. (Not to mention you run the risk of hiring someone who might intentionally “injure” themselves to try and scam some compensation money out of you).

A Handyman Can Cross These 5 Repairs Off Of Your To-Do List

The list of repairs and home improvements that a handyman from HTP Builders can do is extensive, but here are five common ones we often see.

  1. Gutter Work: With the amount of rain we experience, having properly working gutters is essential to divert water to where it needs to be. Out local handymen can do everything from cleaning your gutter to making repairs and installing new gutters if needed.
  2. Door Installation: Need to cut a single square foot out of the wall to install a pet door for Fido? Or maybe you need some help installing a sliding door? We can do it all. Anytime you need to cut into a wall, it is best to call the professionals.
  3. Installing Light Fixtures: Hooking up a new light fixture can be tricky. It is especially difficult if you are, for example, installing a chandelier on a vaulted ceiling. We can help install that gorgeous light fixture you just purchased, and can also simply change lightbulbs in hard-to-reach places.
  4. Pool Enclosures: If you recently got a pool, it might be a good idea to enclose it – especially if you have small kids who run the risk of falling in. We can help find a solution, whether that means installing a fence around the perimeter or fully enclosing your pool.
  5. Leak Repairs: Whether you’ve got a leaking roof or a leaking pipe, our handymen can help make repairs. We do light plumbing repairs, and can repair water damage, replace shingles, and fix roof leaks.

For Local Handyman Services, Call HTP Builders

Don’t let your to-do list get too long. The sooner you are able to fix problems and make improvements, the better. We want to be your go-to handyman you call whenever there is a problem, so you can stop searching for a “handyman near me” and start checking off the to-do list. Get in touch with us to find out more about our handyman services.


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Ken Reusser

Ken Reusser

After taking the reins as part owner and project supervisor for HTP Builders in 2011, Ken began to use his extensive industry knowledge to meet the needs of each individual he works with. He is a certified journeyman carpenter with over 19 years of experience and holds a number of crucial industry certifications.

Ken Reusser’s philosophy is simple: Your project is as much about partnership as it is craftsmanship.